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Let's Go on Safari!

Let’s Go on Safari!
by Kate Gilman Williams & Michelle Campbell
Crickhollow Books • coming May 2019

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What happens when Kate, an 8-year-old girl from Austin, Texas, on safari in South Africa with her family, meets Michelle, a professional wildlife guide? The two new friends turn their adventures into a book encouraging kids everywhere to advocate for wild animals!


Emily, Champion of Rainforest Animals

Emily: 10-Year-Old Champion
of Rainforest Animals in Need
by Cathleen Burnham
October 2018

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Meet Emily, a young girl active in a youth conservation program to save rainforest animals in western Costa Rica. She helps care for an orphaned baby sloth at an animal sanctuary and participates in other activities from dramatic presentations and clean-up efforts to the sponsorship of rope bridges installed to help squirrel monkeys cross busy roads near her small town. The story highlights the impact young people can have on protecting local wild animals and preserving natural habitats.This is Book 4 in the WAKA series of books featuring kids involved in wild animal rescue projects around the world.

Phoebe's Heron, by Winnie Anderson

Phoebe’s Heron
by Winnie Anderson
Softcover • Feb. 2018
(Avail. Dec. 15, 2017)

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“An enchanting book full of forgotten history, the tension of friendship, a brave girl, and deeply overflowing with the love of wild nature.” As Phoebe’s Heron starts, 12-year-old Phoebe, her family, and Nurse Daisy arrive at their new cabin in the foothills of the Rockies, with hopes that the fresh air will heal Phoebe’s mother’s tuberculosis. Young Phoebe soon meets Jed, a local plume hunter (a market hunter of birds for their feathers). Book is of special interest to Audubon Society members, birders, and all interested in the early conservation movement at the beginning of the 1900s. Set in Colorado in 1900.

Mari's Hope, by Sandy Brehl

Mari’s Hope
by Sandy Brehl
Softcover • September 2017

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The dramatic conclusion to the Odin’s Promise Trilogy. In Mari’s Hope, set in occupied Norway in the final years of World War II, young teen Mari has become a valued helper to the village doctor, while continuing to play a role in her family’s efforts in the local resistance. As the German war efforts begin to falter, the pressure increases to hold Norway firmly in their tight grip. But the freedom-loving Norwegians will do their best to thwart those plans.

Tony and His Elephants, A Thai Elephant Sanctuary Story

Tony & His Elephants:
Best Friends Forever!
(A Thai Elephant Sanctuary Story)
by Cathleen Burnham
Available Earth Day, April 22, 2017

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Meet Tony, an eight-year-old boy, whose family runs a small elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand. Young Tony becomes involved in the care of two young elephants, Baby Pumpuii and Nam Cho, rescued from an urban setting to a new life in the forests. But life in the wilds is not without its own drama and danger. This is Book 3 in the WAKA series of books featuring kids involved in wild animal rescue & rehabilitation projects around the world.

Bjorn's Gift, by Sandy Brehl

Bjorn’s Promise
by Sandy Brehl
Softcover • September 2016

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Bjorn’s Gift is a sequel to Odin’s Promise, winner of the 2014 Midwest Book Award for Children’s Fiction. In Bjorn’s Gift, young teen Mari faces growing hardships and dangers in her small village in a western fjord during the second and third years of German occupation of Norway in World War II. “An exciting look at the occupation of Norway, through the eyes of a young, brave girl.” – Angela Cerrito, author of The Safest Lie

Tortugas Squad - Kids Saving Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Tortuga Squad:
Kids Saving Sea Turtles
in Costa Rica
by Cathleen Burnham

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A group of kids in Costa Rica works to save endangered turtles, patrolling the beaches for poachers and rescuing eggs to incubate in a hatchery, later to escort the baby sea turtles safely to their new homes in the Caribbean Sea. “An unusual glimpse of children as environmental activists within their own community.” – ALA Booklist.  This is Book 2 in the WAKA series of books featuring kids involved in wild animal rescue and conservation projects around the world.

Doyli to the Rescue: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon, by Cathleen Burnham

Doyli to the Rescue:
Saving Baby Monkeys
in the Amazon
by Cathleen Burnham

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“The best kind of nonfiction – engaging as well as informative. . . . Burnham shows us how even young children can make a difference in the world, and offers ideas on ways to help protect wild animals. Young and old alike will be enthralled with this book. – Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, Children’s Book Author

The Dress-Up Mirror, by Raymond Bial

The Dress-Up Mirror
by Raymond Bial

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Ray Bial is back with a fun and rollicking novel for young readers, featuring the girls first met in the Shadow Island escapades, now safely back home in their quiet small Midwestern town. Safely? Perhaps not. In The Dress-Up Mirror, four friends – Amanda Tucker, her kid sister Sally, and two friends staying for a sleepover, Josie and Roxanne – tumble unexpectedly through a magical portal to be transported back to the year of 1912, into a tumultuous time, a period of anti-immigrant unrest, for their town of Maysville.

A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Island Adventure

A 1,000-Mile
Great Lakes Island Adventure

by Loreen Niewenhuis

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In the final book in her Great Lakes Adventure trilogy, author and long-distance hiker Loreen Niewenhuis explores the islands of the Great Lakes Basin. Biking, hiking, and kayaking, she searches for the differences and uniting themes of the islands of the connected freshwater ecology of lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario.

Hattie's War, a middle-grade historical novel set in Milwaukee during the Civil War

Hattie’s War
by Hilda & Emily Demuth

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A middle-grade historical novel about a girl in Milwaukee near the end of the Civil War. When Hatttie’s friend Charlie enlists as a drummer boy with the Thirty-ninth Wisconsin, and her mother becomes involved in the new Soldiers’ Home Society, Hattie wants to do her part. Still, must her backyard playing field be turned into a vegetable garden to feed the soldiers? As the year progresses, young Hattie learns the value of helping others, especially to prepare for the flood of returning veterans. Hattie’s War is an entertaining new novel by the authors of middle-grade historical novels Plank Road Summer and Plank Road Winter.

Odin’s Promise: A Novel of Norway, by Sandy Brehl

Odin’s Promise:
A Novel of Norway
by Sandy Brehl
Softcover or Kindle eBook • May 2014

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Odin’s Promise is a historical novel for middle-grade readers, set in western Norway in World War II during the first year of German occupation. It is a story of a young girl, her dog Odin (a Norwegian Elkhound), and a village’s resistance to oppression.

The Fresh Grave and Other Ghostly Stories, by Illinois author Raymond Bial

The Fresh Grave
and Other Ghostly Stories
by Raymond Bial

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Humorous stories introduce the ghostly adventures of teenagers Hank and Clifford as they explore the haunted sites of fictional Myrtleville, Indiana. “Readers will find the suspense satisfying and the main character a sympathetic hero.” – ALA Booklist

Cook the Book, a cozy mystery by Marion Moore Hill

Cook the Books
(Scrappy Librarian Mystery #3)
by Marion Moore Hill

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A cozy mystery novel featuring Juanita Wills, public librarian in Wyndham, Oklahoma. The story takes Juanita into the world of adult literacy instruction as she tries to solve a case of murder by poison, in the third in the author’s Scrappy Librarian mystery series.

Warming Fires, short stories by Jeff Kunkel

Warming Fires:
Stories for All Seasons
by Jeff Kunkel

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With an entertaining cast of Midwestern characters – farmers, newlyweds, hunters, ministers, teens – this luminescent collection of short stories combines humor, grace, and tender insights.

Playing Soccer with Buddha, by Drew Kennedy

Playing Soccer with Buddha:
Unapologetically Progressive Views

from 25 Years in the Pulpit
by Drew Kennedy

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Thought-provoking essays on topics from spiritual growth to social justice, from diverse views of God to an exploration of the long, rich heritage of Unitarian Universalism.

The Purpose of Fantasy, by Philip Martin

The Purpose of Fantasy:
A Reader’s Guide to Twelve Selected Books
with Good Values & Spiritual Depth

by Philip Martin
Softcover or Kindle eBook • December 2013

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Explores the core spiritual values of a dozen beloved fantasy books, by eminent authors such as C.S. Lewis, E.B. White, Ursula K. Le Guin, Neil Gaiman, and others, along with essays on the nature of fantasy and its philosophical role and lasting importance in literature.

The Dazzling Darkness, by Paula Cappa

The Dazzling Darkness
by Paula Cappa
Softcover • Nov. 2013 • $16.95)
Winner, Gothic Readers Book Club Award

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“The spirit of Dan Brown meets the darkest ruminations of Ralph Waldo Emerson . . . sending a shiver down your spine.” – Jonathan Stone

A hidden secret lies under the statues of Old Willow Cemetery in Concord, Mass. The woods are alive with the spirits of Emerson, Thoreau, and Alcott. Does Elias Hatch, the cemetery keeper, know the power hiding in the graveyard?

Goliath Catfish, a middle-grade action-adventure novel, by Scott T. Gill

Goliath Catfish
by Scott T. Gill
Softcover • Oct. 2013
An adventure novel, idea; for readers ages 11–15.

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A gripping adventure story set in the environs of Memphis, Tennessee, in the early 1940s. Two boys – one white, one black – take a remarkable journey into an underworld of caves and waterways on a dangerous quest for great treasure.

A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Walk, by Loreen Niewenhuis

A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Walk:
One Woman’s Trek Along the Shorelines
of All Five Great Lakes
by Loreen Niewenhuis
Softcover  • June 2013

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Following the success of her 2011 book about a long walk around Lake Michigan, Niewenhuis takes another epic trek, walking a thousand miles along the shores of Lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan, Superior, and Ontario.

Didn't We Have Fun!, by Hilda Robinson & Jeff Kunkel

Didn’t We Have Fun!
by Hilda Robinson & Jeff Kunkel
Hardcover • 2012
2013 Honor Award, Skipping Stones Magazine

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Picture Book / African-American Life & Culture
Didn’t We Have Fun! is a colorful look at African-American family life & culture, featuring the jazzy oil pastels of artist Hilda Robinson, recalling her childhood growing up in Philadelphia. “Through colorful paintings and engaging storytelling, Robinson share her memories . . . a welcoming book about the joys of childhood.” – Skipping Stones.
This is a lovely offering. — ALA Booklist
Gloriously illustrated . . . Highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review