A War of Her Own – Ebook Special through February

A War of Her Own, by Sylvia Dickey Smith

“The only gift is a portion of thyself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Surely that applies to this historical novel by Sylvia Dickey Smith! The fine award-winning novel A War of Her Own draws on Sylvia’s own family stories of her mother working in the shipyards of Orange, Texas, in World War II.

And we decided to put the eBook on sale for $2.99 till the end of February.

Why? We’ve decided that our theme here at Crickhollow/Crispin Books this year is Generosity.

As readers, writers, and publishers, we have so many choices and challenges. So we thought this year we’d focus on being generous about everything, as best we can. In our view, the indie-book business isn’t about making money, it’s about sharing stories and ideas we care about. So we’re cooking up a bunch of special things to celebrate the spirit of indie publishing, and thinking hard about ways we can be more generous with each other.

What better place to start than a little reduced-price offer for the eBook edition of A War of Her Own!

Best Novel of the Year – Press Women of Texas

“A well-written book.” – Dallas Morning News

“A fine tale of the struggle of women during World War II.” – Midwest Book Review

A War of Her Own is set in the summer of 1943 in Orange, Texas, a sleepy little town overrun with tens of thousands of new workers. Bea Meade, mother of an infant son, finds her life shattered when her philandering husband announces he is leaving her for another woman. To make ends meet, Bea takes a job at one of the shipyards as a riveter.

Sylvia Dickey Smith is also the author of a popular mystery series, starting with Dance on His Grave, featuring Sidra Smart, ex-minister’s wife and newbie private eye.

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