A War of Her Own now available as eBook

A War of Her Own, by Sylvia Dickey Smith

We’re tickled to say that our award-winning historical novel A War of Her Own by Sylvia Dickey Smith is now available for Kindle and for Nook.

Winner of the Best Novel of the Year from the Press Women of Texas (and a runner-up in the national competition for fiction run by the National Federation of Press Women), this  book is “a fine tale of the struggle of women during World War II.”

“Smith writes with a descriptive power that makes you feel you’re among the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone Texas.”
Galveston Daily News

Sylvia Dickey Smith is an Austin-area author (Georgetown, Texas) whose engaging story of Bea Meade, a young mother who goes to work in a booming shipyard (ala Rosie the Riveter) is based in part on her own mother’s experiences during WW II.

The story is set in Orange, Texas, as are Ms. Smith’s other novels, including a popular mystery series featuring Sidra Smart, ex-preacher’s wife turned private detective.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle edition of A War of Her Own.

Click here for the Barnes & Noble Nook edition of A War of Her Own.

Of course, it’s also still available in the original softcover edition as well!


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