A War of Her Own Wins Award from Press Women of Texas

Yaay! Crickhollow Books is thrilled to announce that A War of Her Own has been awarded First Prize as the best novel of the year by the Press Women of Texas, a statewide organization of women journalists and writers.

The historical novel by Georgetown (Texas) author Sylvia Dickey Smith is set in 1943 on the World War II homefront in the boom town of Orange, Texas (on the Sabine River on the Louisiana/Texas border).

The story tracks the romantic passions and pitfalls facing Bea Meade, young mother and lady riveter (ala Rosie the Riveter), as she seeks to gain independence from a no-good philandering husband by seeking work at the wartime shipyards.

“A well-written new book,” proclaimed the Dallas Morning News in a recent review.

As Sylvia wrote in a list of background facts about the book, the homefront war effort, and the town of Orange:

“When Pearl Harbor was bombed, the small town of Orange, Texas had a population of 6,500 people. By the peak of the war effort, a total of 27,000 people worked at the shipyard.”

It turns out that Sylvia’s own mother was one of those women who went to work in the Orange shipyards. While a fictional story, A War Of Her Own is based in part on those stories Sylvia heard from her mother about the experience of a woman working in a traditionally male-dominated workplace.

Our congratulations to Sylvia for this well-deserved honor!

And thanks to all the enthusiastic readers and bloggers who have helped draw so much wonderful attention to this fine novel.

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  2. Thanks for the blog post, Philip. I would love to speak to writers groups, women’s clubs, or book clubs about the book, the time period and the research. Fascinating part of history–and so important to women and the progress we’ve made in finding our voice.

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