Author of A War of Her Own Moves to Hot Springs, Arkansas

Author Sylvia Dickey Smith is on the road . . . to a new home in Arkansas. At the end of May, she and her husband William Smith, a retired Army colonel, are moving from a long-time residence in Georgetown, Texas (not too far from Austin) to Hot Springs, AR.

Sylvia Dickey Smith, AuthorSylvia has been Texan for most of her life, except for a few years spent in Trinidad, and as a writer, her work has been infused with a strong sense of place, mostly set in the Orange, Texas, area where she grew up, a place on the border between Texas and Louisiana. Her historical novel, A War of Her Own, spun a tale based in part on her own family history, recalling stories of her mother who took a job in the busy (and male-dominated) shipyards of Orange during World War II.

So why Hot Springs? As Sylvia notes:

Native American groups were using the springs as a gathering spot as much as 10,000 years ago. They called the area “The valley of the vapors.” It was considered a place of peace where various tribes could put aside their differences and gather to enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation of the springs.

Add to that, beautiful mountains, numerous lakes, and four seasons. Add to that, we are more centrally located to our children and grandchildren. A win all the way around.

Ms. Smith is also the author of the popular Sidra Smart mystery series. So maybe her next novel will take the ex–preacher’s wife/fledgling private detective Sidra Smart to enjoy the vapors and solve a crime in the Hot Springs area. Who knows?

In any event, we wish Sylvia the best of luck and literary inspiration in her new home.

You can follow her adventures on her blog, Writing Strong Women.

3 Comments on “Author of A War of Her Own Moves to Hot Springs, Arkansas

  1. Safe move, and enjoy your new home! How exciting…


  2. Both sad and glad you’re moving, Sylvia. Glad because I know you’re exited about the move, but sad you’re moving so far away.

  3. Wishing you a safe journey, Sylvia and Bill, and speeding unloading once you’re there. Let me know as soon as our room is ready. We’re anxious for a visit.

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