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Here are links to pages with all titles in a given series
(followed by the names of the individual titles, if you know which book you want to find).

Odin’s Promise Trilogy
A series of middle-grade historical novels, set in WWII occupied Norway.
(3 books: Odin’s Promise, Bjorn’s Gift, and Mari’s Hope)

Scrappy Librarian Series
A series of cozy mysteries featuring public librarian Juanita Wills, set in the small town of Wyndham, Oklahoma.
(4 books: Cook the Books, Death Books a Return, Bookmarked for Murder, and Big Book Betrayal )

Sidra Smart Mystery Series
A series of mysteries featuring ex-minister’s-wife-turned-P.I. Sidra Smart, set in the bayou country around Orange, Texas.
(4 books: Dance on His Grave, Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets, Dead Wreckoning, and The Swamp Whisperer)

WAKA Picturebook Series
The WAKA series of nonfiction documentary picturebooks features real kids around the world actively engaged in wildlife rescue and protection projects on a grassroots, community-based level. WAKA stands for World Association of Kids and Animals.
(3 books: Doyli to the Rescue, Tortuga Squad, and Tony and His Elephants)

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1,000-Mile Walking Adventure Series


Plank Road Series

Raymond Bial Spooky Books for Kids Series