Interview with Winnie Anderson, Author of Phoebe’s Heron

Phoebe's Heron, by Winnie Anderson

PHOEBE’S HERON (Crispin Books, 2018) is the story of 12-year-old Phoebe Greer. In 1900, Phoebe, her family, and Nurse Daisy arrive at their new cliff-top cabin in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies, with hopes that the fresh air will heal Phoebe’s mother’s tuberculosis. Young Phoebe soon meets Jed, a local plume hunter (a market hunter of birds for their… Read More

Meet the Author – Sandy Brehl

Meet the author of award-winning middle-grade historical novels: Sandy Brehl, of Muskego, Wisconsin. Sandy Brehl lives in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and is the author of the Odin’s Promise trilogy, a historical novel series for readers ages ten-through-adult. The trilogy tells the story of local resistance during Norway’s World War II occupation years through the life of a young girl,… Read More

Why I Wrote Big Book Betrayal – A Cozy Mystery about Addiction

[Guest post by Marion Moore Hill] As a writer of cozy mysteries set in a small-town setting, I wrote my latest novel, Big Book Betrayal, for several reasons. For one, I like mystery novels to be about something more than the puzzle of who killed whom and how. Each of the earlier books in my Scrappy Librarian series have dealt with social issues of importance. Addiction is a pervasive societal problem that I thought worth highlighting in a story.

Meet the Author – Sylvia Dickey Smith

Meet the author of award-winning mysteries, historical novels, and contemporary women’s fiction: Sylvia Dickey Smith, of Georgetown, Texas. Ms. Smith is the author of the Sidra Smart mystery series, featuring ex-minister’s-wife-turned-P.I. Sidra Smart, set in the bayou country around Orange, Texas. The four books to date include: Dance on His Grave, Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets, Dead Wreckoning, and The Swamp… Read More

Why I Wrote It – How To Write Your Best Story

“Most people know what a story is until they sit down to write one.” – Flannery O’Connor. My corollary: “Story rules. Plot drools.” – Philip Martin. Why did I write How to Write Your Best Story ? Here’s the tale. [This is a guest post by Philip Martin, author of How To Write Your Best Story: Advice for Writers on… Read More

Wisconsin State Journal interviews Jingo Fever author

Stephanie Lowden, author of our new middle-grade novel Jingo Fever, first studied anti-German bigotry in Wisconsin in 1970 under E. David Cronon, professor of history at UW-Madison and later dean of the College of Letters and Science. Here’s an interview with author Stephanie Lowden by Doug Moe that appeared in the Wisconsin State Journal. In it, she talks about the… Read More

Interview with Stephanie Lowden, Author of Jingo Fever

Here is an interview with Stephanie Golightly Lowden, author of Jingo Fever, our newest Crickhollow Book for young readers. Jingo Fever is a chapter book set in 1918 during World War I in a small town (Ashland, on Lake Superior) in northern Wisconsin. It deals with the effects of intolerance experienced by many German-Americans during the war. It’s a fascinating… Read More

Origins of Ray Bial’s Dripping Blood Cave Story

[Below is a guest post by Ray Bial, the author of Dripping Blood Cave and Other Ghostly Stories, explaining how the idea for the title story came from a real-life cave in southern Indiana, not far from Bloomington. It also gives a hint of his process as he creates both nonfiction photo-documentary books and fictional ghost stories. Apparently, they are… Read More

Saving Sailing Book Featured in Sail Magazine Online

Congratulations to Nicholas Hayes, whose book Saving Sailing was the focus of an insightful online Q&A with Sail Magazine‘s Adam Cort. Nick’s book encourages sailing clubs with youth programs to rethink their approach. Saving Sailing makes a strong case for transitioning from a youth-sports model to an intergenerational model, an argument Hayes (an avid sailor and market researcher) ably documents… Read More

Saving Sailing author on Wisconsin Public Radio (Wednesday, Feb. 10)

Nicholas Hayes, author of Saving Sailing (Crickhollow Books, 2009), will be a guest on Larry Meiller’s popular call-in show on Wisconsin Public Radio this Wednesday (February 10). He will be featured in the 2nd 45-minute slot. Tune in to hear Nick from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Larry Meiller’s noontime show is broadcast statewide every weekday, and covers environmental and… Read More

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