Fearless Reader Radio Reads Night Sea Journey

Fire Hawk

If you love audio books or just love the art of verbal storytelling, you’ll love Fearless Reader Radio. Serialized dramas are a featured offering at RiverWest Radio, WXRW in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are bringing back the art of old-time radio storytelling. I’m thrilled that they are reading my supernatural mystery Night Sea Journey: A Tale of the Supernatural. Katie Jesse, host of Fearless Reader Radio, is currently performing 1-hour episodes of the full novel, every Wednesday at 5 pm, week by week. The broadcasts are also archived on their internet radio page for convenient listening anytime.

Why I Wrote Big Book Betrayal – A Cozy Mystery about Addiction

[Guest post by Marion Moore Hill] As a writer of cozy mysteries set in a small-town setting, I wrote my latest novel, Big Book Betrayal, for several reasons. For one, I like mystery novels to be about something more than the puzzle of who killed whom and how. Each of the earlier books in my Scrappy Librarian series have dealt with social issues of importance. Addiction is a pervasive societal problem that I thought worth highlighting in a story.

Meet the Author – Sylvia Dickey Smith

Meet the author of award-winning mysteries, historical novels, and contemporary women’s fiction: Sylvia Dickey Smith, of Georgetown, Texas. Ms. Smith is the author of the Sidra Smart mystery series, featuring ex-minister’s-wife-turned-P.I. Sidra Smart, set in the bayou country around Orange, Texas. The four books to date include: Dance on His Grave, Deadly Sins Deadly Secrets, Dead Wreckoning, and The Swamp… Read More

Bookmarked for Murder Released in Scrappy Library Mystery Series

Crispin Books is pleased to announce the release of a third book in Marion Moore Hill’s “Scrappy Librarian” series. Bookmarked for Murder is actually the first title in Hill’s three-book series (so far), which Crispin Books has now re-released in new editions, with the other two books released several months ago. The series features inquisitive public librarian Juanita Wills, who… Read More

Cook the Books Released – A Cozy Library Mystery Set in Oklahoma

Looking for a nice mystery about a nosy public librarian and adult literacy tutoring, all sprinkled, like little candies on a poisoned cupcake, with a few dead bodies and oodles of suspects? Then you’ll want to read Oklahoma author Marion Moore Hill’s latest installment in her Scrappy Librarian Mystery series: Cook the Books. Cook the Books is a cozy mystery… Read More

Swamp Whisperer Wins Texas Award

We just heard that The Swamp Whisperer by Sylvia Dickey Smith won the Best Novel of the Year Award from the Press Women of Texas. The humorous mystery/thriller features Sidra Smart, a fledgling private detective and ex-preacher’s wife, and cranky old swamp-rat Boo Murphy – two independent women who do not suffer fools (of any gender) gladly, to say the… Read More

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