Cook the Books Released – A Cozy Library Mystery Set in Oklahoma

Cook the Books, a cozy mystery by Marion Moore Hill

Looking for a nice mystery about a nosy public librarian and adult literacy tutoring, all sprinkled, like little candies on a poisoned cupcake, with a few dead bodies and oodles of suspects?

Then you’ll want to read Oklahoma author Marion Moore Hill’s latest installment in her Scrappy Librarian Mystery series: Cook the Books.

Cook the Books is a cozy mystery featuring Juanita Wills, public librarian in the small town of Wyndham, Oklahoma. The novel takes Juanita into the world of adult literacy instruction, as she tries to solve a case of murder by poison.

It seems that Ms. Wills’ student, Tracy Marie Riek, is the prime suspect in a case of murder by poison. The victim: Tracy’s husband. The late Bobby Riek seems to have consumed a tainted bit of bakery from the new cafe in town. Was it his wife who did him in? Or perhaps a disgruntled co-worker at the local do-it-yourself hardware store? Or one of the other individuals in this town, with its book clubs, gourmet-food circles, church goings, and other activities, mostly innocent get-togethers – but not in all cases, it seems.

But that’s life in Wyndham, OK. For Juanita Wills, it won’t be the first time her penchant for asking questions and following up on social issues of the day have uncovered a bit of murder and mayhem.

Author Marion Moore Hill was herself a tutor of adult literacy students for more than 20 years in Durant, Oklahoma, where she still lives. She has also been a reporter, copywriter, legal secretary, Asian-foods vendor, and college teacher. This is her fifth mystery novel, the third in her Scrappy Librarian Mystery series.

The first two books in the series, Bookmarked for Murder and Death Books a Return, are also slated for new editions, coming from Crispin Books later in July.

For book signings or speaking engagements, the author can be contacted at her website:

Cook the Books is available in softcover or Kindle editions from Crispin Books, an indie-book publisher based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. For more info, visit the Cook the Books title page.

One Comment on “Cook the Books Released – A Cozy Library Mystery Set in Oklahoma

  1. Hi Marion,
    Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Writers Conference. Building characters is of the utmost importance, and I whole heartedly (my word to the guru’s) agree on how you build up your characters.

    My 500 page novel my publisher wants to classify as a western, and I understand where he is coming from, but there is where we have a disagreement. I want a “Thrilling Stories” series, three books or more, and the publisher will not budge – so be it, there are more publishers out there in the main stream of words seeking not to drown, so not to confuse.

    Anyway, have a good writing experience, and god speed.

    Best Regards,

    Ronald Garver Tom Bean, Texas

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