Crickhollow Announces Crispin Books Imprint

Crickhollow Books officially has a sibling imprint; it’s called Crispin Books. This March, we’re adding all recent Crispin Books onto this website, so that they can all be found in one place.

What’s different about Crispin Books?

Crispin is mostly focused on getting a foothold in genre fiction (mystery & fantasy series in particular).

It is also the imprint we’ll use for many of our eBooks. Sometimes we’ll first release a softcover edition as a Crickhollow title, and later issue the eBook as a Crispin title. We’ve just done that, for instance, with A War of Her Own. (We figure it really doesn’t matter to the reader what the publisher imprint is; that historical novel by Sylvia Dickey Smith is the same great award-winning story in either format, under either imprint.)

But it does matter to distribution channels, to bookstores and trade buyers. So we get to choose different distribution strategies for the imprints. Itasca Book Distributing takes good care of our Crickhollow Books. And we use super-flexible short-run channels to get Crispin Books titles to Ingram, a national wholesaler. This allows us to get a lot more titles out into the world, especially in the mystery or fantasy multiple-title series that Crispin will tackle. The availability of the books to you, the reader, is the same either way. Believe me, as we get an increasing number of titles in print, inventory levels are a huge factor on a small indie press. We need all the flexibility we can muster.

So the Crispin Books imprint is just a way to issue more types of books, especially genre fiction in series – all good reads, with the great storytelling & overall quality that you expect from Crickhollow – that we might be distributing slightly differently.

It’s all one big happy family of indie-press literature!

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