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Crispin Books are available to the book trade via Ingram or Baker & Taylor.

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Crispin Books are also available from bricks-and-mortar bookstores. But in general, bookstores don’t stock as many titles from non-major presses; you may need to check first about whether a given title in on the shelves, or ask or place a special order, which fine bookstores are happy to fulfill.

Crispin Books is an imprint of Great Lakes Literary, LLC, as is Crickhollow Books, so the two imprints are siblings!

Crispin is currently focused on getting a foothold in genre fiction (mystery & fantasy series in particular). It is also the imprint we use for many of our eBooks.

The reason we have this two-imprint approach: we get to choose different distribution strategies for each imprint (which makes a difference only to bookstores and trade buyers).

For Crickhollow Books, Itasca Book Distributing takes good care of our titles; it peddles our books to indie bookstores, gift shops, and national chains like Barnes & Noble, and it also services Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and specialty vendors like Follett for educational markets.

For Crispin, we use Lightning Source to get Crispin Books titles into Ingram, a national wholesaler, and Baker & Taylor.

This two-pronged approach allows us to get a lot more titles out into the world.
It’s all one big happy family of indie-press literature!