Dallas Morning News Praises A War of Her Own

We’re always happy to see praise for Crickhollow Books titles, especially from respected book-review sources.

On Jan. 2, the Dallas Morning News did a wrap-up piece on recent Texas- and Western-oriented titles under the heading “Best of the West 2010.”

They called Georgetown (Austin area) Sylvia Dickey Smith’s recent novel, A War of Her Own, World War II historical fiction set in an Orange, Texas, shipyard:

a “well-written new book . . .”

Oh, yes! We agree!

Another great review (lots of folks like this novel!), from Story Circle Book Reviews (“reviewing books for, by, and about women”) sums up A War of Her Own well:

Mix together a bit of mystery that begins in 1924, toss in some “Rosie the Riveter,” and you have a poignant story of a young married woman, Bea Meade, living in Orange, Texas in 1943. (. . . ) As Smith’s story unfolds, it pulls you along, cheering for Bea. . . . One can’t help but support this young woman as she quickly grows into an independent and thinking woman.

Looking for an engaging historical novel featuring a strong female protagonist? You’ll enjoy this World War II homefront story, as heroine Bea Meade, young mother and “lady riveter,” seeks love . . . and discovers who she really is.

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