Fearless Reader Radio Reads Night Sea Journey

Radio Dramas Are Back!

[guest post by Paula Cappa, author of Greylock, The Dazzling Darkness, and Night Sea Journey ]

If you love audio books or just love the art of verbal storytelling, you’ll love Fearless Reader Radio. Serialized dramas are a featured offering at RiverWest Radio, WXRW in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are bringing back the art of old-time radio storytelling.

Night Sea Journey, by Paula Cappa

I’m thrilled that they are reading my supernatural mystery Night Sea Journey: A Tale of the Supernatural. Katie Jesse, host of Fearless Reader Radio, is skilled in dramatic reading. She is currently performing 1-hour episodes of the full novel, every Wednesday at 5 pm, week by week. The broadcasts are also archived on their internet radio page for convenient listening anytime.

As an author, this is a great way to really hear my story. While writing it, I did read major parts aloud for my own evaluations.

But hearing someone else read it is a different experience. It brings the story to a new level. And, I’m pleased to say, I’ve seen a moderate jump in sales.

Listeners can begin with Episodes 1 and 2:

Night Sea Journey, Episode One:

Night Sea Journey, Episode 2:

To access RiverWest Radio and all episodes of Night Sea Journey, go to www.riverwestradio.com/shows and scroll down to Fearless Reader Radio.

Night Sea Journey Reviews:

An Eric Hoffer Book Award Winner, 2015, this supernatural thriller explores the haunted chambers of the night. Artist Kip Livingston struggles against a dark visitor who invades her night sea journeys into subconsciousness. Angels and demons, psychological twists, murder, and romance make this mystery a gripping read.

“. . . a powerful page-turner – enigmatic, surprising, and completely engaging . . . a wild ride over dangerous and previously uncharted terrain.” – James Hulbert, A Kiss Before You Leave Me

“. . . a startling story that captures the reader from the first page, with strong character development and a robust vocabulary. Cappa’s characters are the kind the reader remembers long after the story has been read. Her dialogue flawlessly carries the story from one stage to the next.” – Judith Reveal, The Brownstone

“A suspenseful, romantic, mystical tale … Cappa’s superior writing skills, her ability to write this particular story to be so profound and thorough was perhaps one of the most impressive thing about the book.” – HorrorPalace.com

Paula Cappa is the recipient of a Chanticleer Book Award for Greylock, the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Night Sea Journey, the Readers’ Favorite International Bronze Medal for Supernatural Suspense, and a Gothic Readers Book Club Award Winner in Outstanding Fiction. She is the author of Greylock, The Dazzling Darkness, and Night Sea Journey. Her short fiction has appeared in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Whistling Shade Literary Journal, SmokeLong Quarterly, Sirens Call Ezine, Every Day Fiction, Fiction365, Twilight Times Ezine, and in a number of anthologies. She is a freelance copy editor and writes a short-story blog, Reading Fiction at paulacappa.wordpress.com. Paula Cappa lives in Pound Ridge, NY.

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