Fun Spooky Books for Boys

It’s October . . . the perfect month to curl up by the fire and enjoy a spooky ghost story.

Raymond Bial, noted Illinois children’s book author, is especially fond of the humorous tale, with restless ghosts haunting every old barn and overgrown cemetery . . . but also full of good messages about friendship, doing the right thing, helping those in need, and maybe a  history tidbit or two thrown in to spice the mix.

His ghost story books set in the rural Midwest (in fictional Myrtleville, Indiana) feature the escapades of teenage ghost-magnets Hank and Cliffie. Hank is the upstanding one in the pair. Scrawny Cliffie, on the other hand, is quick to boast, quick to goad Hank into one haunted adventure after another, and equally quick to disappear when the going gets spooky.

If you’re looking for a good read for kids, especially middle-grade boys, for Halloween, check out:

Dripping Blood Cave, now available in both paperback and Kindle.

Dripping Blood Cave, by Raymond Bial

The first two books in the series: The Fresh Grave & Other Stories (“A worthy purchase for those who have read Alvin Schwartz’s and Daniel Cohen’s books and are ready to move on to something else.” – School Library Journal) and The Ghost of Honeymoon Creek (a novel) are soon also to be available from Crickhollow/Crispin Books.

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