Galveston Daily News Likes A War of Her Own!

In honor of Labor Day . . . and especially to honor women’s struggles in the workplace to break into traditionally male blue-collar jobs:

Here’s a wonderful review from the Galveston Daily News of Sylvia Dickey Smith’s new novel, featuring a Texas version of “Rosie the Riveter,” set on the World War II homefront in the small town of Orange:

The strength of A War of Her Own lays in its gritty depiction of rural coastal-plain Texas in the years immediately after World War I and wartime Orange and Galveston during World War II.

Smith writes with a descriptive power that makes you feel you’re among the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone Texas.

In A War of Her Own, readers will enjoy the captivating tale of Bea Meade, young mother and lady riveter, and the challenges she faces working on the Texas/Louisiana border in a booming shipyard in the summer of 1943, while taking care of her infant son and dealing with a good-for-nothing husband.

A War of Her Own was just released and is getting great feedback from readers. You can order it online from, etc. or check here for a list of some great Texas bookstores we know are carrying it.

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