Goliath Catfish Released into the Wild!

Goliath Catfish, by Scott T. Gill

Don’t be alarmed.

Goliath Catfish is the name of the latest book from Crickhollow (released under the Crispin Books imprint).

It’s a historical novel set in the 1940s around (and under) Memphis, Tennessee. An action adventure novel (ideal for boys ages 11–15), the story involves two boys (one white, one black) who search for lost treasure in a watery underworld of caves and sewers beneath Memphis.

There’s a Voodoo priest, rat-infested tunnels . . . and yes, a really big fish.

Albert McClune is the central figure, a large, soft, fearful lad. After he loses a prized possession of his father’s, he runs away from home. Soon, he meets and joins forces with Elijah Amos Fortune Jones, an odd, charismatic African-American boy who leads Albert on a treasure hunt for the lost ransom of Machine Gun Kelly, rumored to be hidden deep in the bowels of the earth.

Author Scott T. Gill grew up in the Memphis area. As an adult, he was a minister for many years, then left the “cloth” to pursue a career in teaching and telling stories. Now a middle-school teacher and coach, he teaches writing and inspires athletes from the sidelines. He lives in Rockwall, Texas, near Dallas.

And yes, he’s an avid fisherman.

For more info, visit the Goliath Catfish title page.

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