Goliath Catfish

Goliath Catfish, by Scott T. Gill

Goliath Catfish
An adventure novel, idea for readers ages 11–15
by Scott T. Gill

Crispin Books • October 1, 2013
Trade Softcover • 238 pages  • 5.5″ x 8.5″
Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure /Historical
Ages 12–15
$13.95 • ISBN 978-1-883953-60-7

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Social Issues: Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance

Social Issues: Prejudice & Racism

Memphis history & cultural geography


This Crispin Books edition replaces
an earlier July 2012 edition, now out of print,
by Glass Page Books (ISBN: 978-0985255824)

“. . . [A]n amazing story, bringing the reader to the painful reality of poverty, through the bowels of Memphis, and into a friendship tested by fire. Although it takes place in darkness, the light Albert and Elijah bring to the page goes far beyond the lamplight they carry. Scott Gill is now on my list of ‘must-read authors’!”
– Jessica Schaub, author of Unforgettable Roads

“While this tale is written for a younger audience, Gill’s prose is engaging and his subject matter appeals to an older audience. His plot is full of both biblical and literary allusions that make the story meaningful for readers of all ages.”
– Frank Nappi, author of The Legend of Mickey Tussler

“I gave Goliath Catfish to my daughter to read. I wasn’t sure she’d dig the story of the adventures of two boys or not. Turns out that she loved it. When she was done, I gave it a read myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. The author has a wonderful imagination, and the book has a lot of the same elements contained in Huck Finn. . . . Great to see a kid light up when reading a book.”
– Monte Burke, author of Sowbelly and 4th & Goal


Goliath Catfish is a gripping adventure story set in the environs of Memphis, Tennessee, in the early 1940s. Albert McClune is the central figure, a large, soft, fearful lad who runs away from home after losing a prized possession of his father’s. He soon meets and joins forces with Elijah Amos Fortune Jones, an odd, charismatic African-American boy who leads Albert on a treasure hunt for the lost ransom of Machine Gun Kelly, rumored to be hidden deep in the bowels of the earth.

The coming- of-age tale is reminiscent of the literary adventures of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer . . . the story of two boys – one white, one black – who take a remarkable journey into an underworld where they discover much about themselves and each other in a dangerous quest for great treasure.

There’s a Voodoo priest, rat-infested tunnels . . . and yes, a really big fish.

It’s a well-written action/adventure read, especially popular with boys (8th grade or so, ages 13 or 14 – or a bit older, such as reluctant readers in high school).


Scott T. Gill was a minister for nearly 15 years, then left the “cloth” to pursue a career in teaching and telling stories. As a middle school teacher and coach, he teaches writing and inspires athletes from the sidelines. He grew up in Memphis and now lives in Rockwall, Texas.