Haiku about Books – Finalists

To celebrate Small Press Month (March), Crickhollow Books invited folks to submit haiku about books (posted on our Facebook page). The winner will receive some great Wisconsin cheese, from Hook’s Cheese Co. in Mineral Point, Wis.

Below is my list of finalists; I’m enjoying them again as a group, before picking a winner to announce later today.

First, let me thank everyone. I really appreciate your creative passion, and the pleasure we all shared in reading each submission. The lovely part is that they were all over the board: insightful, poignant, personal, humorous, even cheesy (despite dire warnings!). My thanks to each of you.

As the judge (me, Crickhollow Books director), I did gravitate to ones mostly with a fairly traditional haiku sensibility . . . in general, with a simple, clear image, unleashing in a few words a bit of surprise or delight or poignancy, holding some special insight into the wonders of books.

Without further ado, here’s my finalist list. (I’ll announce the winner later this afternoon, with a general reminder tomorrow.)

a smile:
the tramp looks through
children’s books
(Maya Lyubenova)

Like the last, long slurp
of a thick chocolate shake
Beloved book’s last page
(Jan Marler Morrill)

Quantum mechanics
May offer parallel worlds
Bookstores did it first
(Duff Howell)

after a long day
a cup of tea, cricket song,
and the scent of books
(Sara V. Nagle)

Angle of Repose –
Sunlight hits the page as I
read in my garden.
(Toni A. Watson)

the musty smell
of old books,
autumn afternoon
(Shawn Whitney)

The book may be thick
But in my head are details
That the author skipped
(Duff Howell)

Peek through the window
of worn pages and pale ink,
at old friends I know.
(Dayna Marie)

do you like to read /
my legs open like a book /
fingers turn my page
(Marianne Schaefer)

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