Hilda and Emily Demuth at Wade House

Hilda and Emily Demuth, co-authors of Plank Road Summer, a new middle-grade historical novel set in Wisconsin in 1852, will appear at the Wade House’s 49th Annual Arts and Crafts Fair this Sunday, August 23, from 9 AM to 3 PM.

The Wade House in Greenbush, Wisconsin, was a regular stop for the stagecoach lines operating between Sheboygan and Fond du Lac.

The Demuth’s novel for young readers has a special connection to the event: the fictional story takes places at a historic country inn on a plank road in the 1850s.

The co-authors (and sisters) did some of their research for the Plank Road Summer book at the Wade House to learn what life at a 19th-century inn was like. They learned, for instance, that innkeepers used to count out floorboards in the ballroom to mark sleeping arrangements, a fact that made it into the book.

Plank Road Summer offers the story of two girls’ friendship in the summer of 1852 in southeastern Wisconsin, with an Underground Railroad subplot.

Hilda and Emily Demuth will be at the Arts & Crafts Fair to sell and sign copies of their book. Stop by to say hello and visit with them!

For more about the book
Plank Road Summer, by Hilda and Emily Demuth
(Crickhollow Books, $13.95, paperback), visit:
Plank Road Summer Blog

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