How To Write Your Best Story (New Book for Writers of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction)

Our newest Crickhollow Books title is How To Write Your Best Story. It’s intended for talented emerging writers, to emphasize the importance of story in successful literature.

Whether you’re writing short stories or novels or creative nonfiction, this book of practical tips will surely help you find a few ways to improve your craft.

How To Write Your Best Story, by Philip Martin

How To Write Your Best Story
Advice for Writers on Spinning an Enchanting Tale
by Philip Martin

The book is chock-full of time-tested techniques for making good stories happen. Pure storytelling ability is a crucial skill for writers, but is often overlooked (Taken for granted? Denigrated as too simple? Too amorphous to teach? Either you got it or you don’t?).

The author, Philip Martin, is a past acquisitions editor for The Writer Books, connected with The Writer magazine, where he worked with authors from Frank McCourt to Jane Yolen, editing books and anthologies of advice for writers. He is now Editorial Director for Crickhollow Books.

This new book by Martin on literary story-craft fills a bit of a void. As Flannery O’Connor lamented, “I find that most people know what a story is until they sit down to write one.” Writers in need of help with story techniques will appreciate this look at three key elements that fuel the magic of story: intriguing eccentricity, delightful details, and satisfying surprises.

No discussion here of metafiction, or narrative arcs, or point-of-view conundrums! Instead, it’s a throwback to traditional ideas about what makes a story appeal to reader (and to editors and literary agents).

Want to get your fiction or creative nonfiction published? Want to get an enthusiastic “yes!” from an editor or agent for your next manuscript?

This book is an essential addition to your library of useful literary advice for emerging literary professionals.

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