Jingo Fever (New Chapter Book for Young Readers)

Our newest Crickhollow Books title is Jingo Fever.

This is a middle-grade historical novel, set in 1918 during World War I on the homefront in a small town in northern Wisconsin. It deals in a quiet, thoughtful way with the effects of anti-ethnic bigotry (towards German-Americans) during wartime conflicts abroad.

(And it has some clear parallels with modern-day issues involving ethnic int0lerance and racism directed at Muslims and Arab-Americans. This is a great book for school teachers and librarians! . . . a way to introduce complicated issues in a safer historical context, but leading to good classroom discussions.)

Jingo Fever - A Historical Novel for Middle-Grade Readers

Jingo Fever
by Stephanie Golightly Lowden
Crickhollow Books (October 2011)

Welcome to the story of young Adele Klein, a German-American girl who has come from Milwaukee with her mother to live for the summer of 1918 with Uncle Mike in Ashland, a small town in northern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Superior.

Adelle struggles to cope with the local patriotic fervor, in support of American troops abroad . . . but spilling over into a hatred of all things of German origin.

As she seeks friendships with local youngsters her age, she wonders how to deal with the bigotry of anti-German sentiment, which escalates with the approach of the July 4th celebration. In the meantime, she and her mother worry about Adelle’s brother, Karl, a young man of German-American who is fighting with the U.S. troops in France.

The summer’s events will teach Adelle about the importance of standing up for what’s right.

Family & Friendship • Ethnic Heritage • Patriotism during War • Resisting Intolerance & Bigotry • Standing Up to Bullies

Stephanie Golightly Lowden is the author of several previous children’s books, including Time of the Eagle, a middle-grade chapter book about two Ojibwe children on a winter trek. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

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