Jingo Fever now available as eBook

Jingo Fever, by Stephanie Lowden

Did you know that Jingo Fever by Stephanie Lowden is now available as an eBook?

You can get it from either Amazon (for Kindle readers) or Barnes & Noble (for Nook readers).

Of course, it’s also available in the original trade softcover edition – the printed pages that require no electronic device to read!

“Jingo Fever is a fine historical novel that will ring well with youthful readers . . .” — Midwest Book Review

Book of the Year Award (finalist, Juvenile Fiction)

This middle-grade historical novel, set in 1918 during World War I in a small Midwestern town in northern Wisconsin, deals in a quiet, thoughtful way with the effects of anti-ethnic bigotry (towards German-Americans) during wartime conflicts abroad.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle edition of Jingo Fever.

Click here for the Barnes & Noble Nook edition of Jingo Fever.


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