“Lake Effect” Radio Interview with Plank Road Summer Authors

Here’s a link to a recording of a radio interview on WUWM’s “Lake Effect” news program (Monday, July 13, 2009), with children’s book authors Hilda and Emily Demuth about their new book, Plank Road Summer.

(You can listen online or download an mp3 file.)

Hilda and Emily talk with WUWM’s Stephanie Lecci about the abolitionist movement in Wisconsin and Racine County, and about the plank road era, pioneer life, and Cornish heritage that is the background for their historical chapter book for young readers (middle grades).

“Lake Effect,” for those in the Milwaukee area, is a great magazine-format program, airing daily at 10:00 am and repeated at 11:00 pm, with short features on regional arts, culture, interesting characters and what they’re up to, things to do in Milwaukee, and more. The “Lake Effect” staff are all outstanding interviewers; thanks, Stephanie Lecci, for this chance for Milwaukee-area listeners to meet the co-authors of this wonderful new children’s novel set in Wisconsin.

Click here for more on the Plank Road Summer book.

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