Let’s Go on Safari!

Let's Go on Safari!

Let’s Go on Safari!
by Kate Gilman Williams & Michelle Campbell
Crickhollow Books • coming May 2019
Softcover • $12.95 • 36 pages
Wild Animal Conservation
Youth Environmental Activism / Global Kids

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Trade Softcover
36 pages • ca. 100 photos, 3 illus. • 11” x 8.5”
Ages 7–12
$12.95 • ISBN 978-1-933987-27-9


Endangered Animals • South Africa
Elephant • Leopard • Cheetah
Global Youth • Kid Power
Wildlife Conservation

“Kate is an impressive eight-year-old who is encouraging her generation to stop poaching, which gives me hope for the future of endangered wildlife across Africa and the world. She possesses the commitment, compassion, and will to act that inspires all of us.”
– Brian Sheth, Chair, Global Wildlife Conservation

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What happens when Kate, an 8-year-old girl from Austin, Texas, on safari in South Africa with her family, meets Michelle, a professional wildlife guide? The two new friends turn their adventures into a book encouraging kids everywhere to advocate for wild animals!

Let’s Go on Safari! invites young readers to hop in a 4×4, experience the thrill of a safari in the South African bushveld, and discover how kids can get involved in saving endangered animals.

The mission of Let’s Go On Safari! is simple – to turn the natural love that children have for wild animals into advocacy!

In the text, young Kate is inspired by safari guide Michelle to observe animal behavior and study tracks, but also is encouraged to think about the impact of human-wildlife interaction, poaching problems, and more.

The book then highlights ways that young people can get involved in protecting wild animals. We are introduced to the work of some leading international wildlife conservation organizations, including the Jane Goodall Institute with its active Roots & Shoots program for youth; to the respected David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, working to save orphaned elephants in East Africa; and to efforts by Global Wildlife Conservation, an organization working around the world to save endangered animals.

The book also highlights examples of small-scale efforts that kids can do in own home communities and schools, from local fundraisers to educational awareness projects.

The message is clear: after the family vacation is over, kids can become influential advocates in their own communities for wild animals, helping to protect endangered creatures and their critical habitats around the world!


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Kate Gilman Williams wrote Let’s Go On Safari! when she was 8 years old, following a trip to South Africa with her family. On a safari adventure, she became friends with their guide, Michelle Campbell, who taught her about the many threats facing wildlife. Kate came home determined to do something to protect wild animals whose survival was being endangered by humans – and she knew her young generation could be inspired to help.

Michelle Campbell was born in South Africa and schooled in the UK. Working first as an economist, it was her love for nature that drew her back home to South Africa, where she worked as a safari guide for 6 years. She then spent a year volunteering for wildlife projects (living in her Land Rover!), documenting and sharing her conservation adventures on her website, Wild Wonderful World. Today she is working on conservation projects of her own, advocating for wildlife and encouraging children, through education and exposure, to get involved in saving wildlife.