Midwest Book Review Likes Didn’t We Have Fun!

Didn't We Have Fun!, by Hilda Robinson & Jeff Kunkel

Here’s an excellent review from the good folks at Midwest Book Review for Didn’t We Have Fun! by Hilda Robinson and Jeff Kunkel.

“Gloriously illustrated with vivacious, full-color paintings by author Hilda Robinson, Didn’t We Have Fun! is a children’s picture book about day-to-day life growing up in an African-American community, well before the prevalence of television (let alone cell phones, the internet, or modern social media). The pages tell of young Hilda’s four sisters and one brother, and their Philadelphia neighborhood of red-brick houses. . . .

Didn’t We Have Fun! is lengthy enough that an adult parent may want to read the story aloud to young beginning readers; its overall impression is one of wonder and joy, celebrating the positive bonds that bring families and neighbors together. Highly recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

We agree!

The book presents key aspects of African-American heritage in American cities, especially a rich tradition of strong family values and neighborhood togetherness. Set in an urban Philly neighborhood, Didn’t We Have Fun! delivers wonderful glimpses of family life, social events, playground games, and more, as seen from the point of view of a child (via Hilda Robinson’s coloful, jazzy paintings, based on her childhood memories).

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