Midwest Book Review Likes Jingo Fever

Here’s an excellent review from the good folks at Midwest Book Review for Jingo Fever by Stephanie Lowden.

Pride in one’s country is not a bad thing, but used incorrectly it can cause much pain to your fellow countrymen. Jingo Fever is a novel following a young German American girl as anti-German sentiment rages following [during] World War I. The girl copes with the hatred she hears in her Northern Wisconsin hometown, struggling to find friendship in spite of her German-American heritage.

Jingo Fever is a fine historical novel that will ring well with youthful readers who are struggling to find their own place and friends as well.


This is a great little historical novel for middle-grade readers, set on the homefront in World War I . . . with lots of uses for parents or teachers who want to get kids to think and talk about tolerance, anti-bullying, anti-bigotry, and the dangers of excessive patriotism that leads to discrimination against minority ethnic groups.

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