Milwaukee Spring Children’s Book Fair – Information for Authors and Publishers

This is information for authors who wish to be considered as a featured author at the 2018 Milwaukee Spring Children’s Book Fair (Saturday, May 5, 10–4, held at Urban Ecology Center–Riverside).

The event is a curated event, with authors selected by invitation, which involves meeting some tight criteria. The 2018 book fair will be our first, and as director of the event (and a long-time book publisher and editor), it is important to try to make some good decisions about which books/authors are an ideal match for the occasion. Our goal is to present a highly selective group of books we can confidently encourage any and all to buy, read, and share widely with family, in classrooms, via libraries, and so on.


1. Strong relevance to the book-fair’s focus on Environmental Awareness or Social Justice.

2. Quality (in text, illustrations, production standards, and ability to deliver a clear, inspiring message to young readers).

3. Positive professional reviews or significant press coverage (i.e. reviews from children’s literature review journals, major kidlit bloggers, other influential authors, significant awards and honors, etc.).

4. Likely sales appeal (as we have to rely on sales to support the event).


If you wish us to consider your book(s), send us an email via our Contact Page, with the subject message: 2018 Book Fair Application, and tell us briefly about your book. Include links to your website, major reviews, etc.

If we do end up passing on your application, please don’t see this as a negative comment on your book(s). It doesn’t mean your book isn’t worthwhile. We just may not feel it meets all our criteria strongly enough – especially the independent verification of quality from outside sources. We aren’t examining books directly, but are relying on others with broad experience in the kidlit world to recommend books through standard review methods. (And this is how others in turn – parents, teachers, and librarians – make most decisions to buy books given many options at hand.)

All the best, and hope to see you at the Book Fair on May 5!

Philip Martin, Director
Crickhollow Books & Crispin Books
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Sponsor of 2018 Milwaukee Spring Children’s Book Fair
May 5, at the Urban Ecology Center–Riverside

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