More Praise for Didn’t We Have Fun!

A painting by Hilda Robinson from Didn't We Have Fun!

Recent praise for for Didn’t We Have Fun! includes a very nice review by Ilene Cooper in American Library Association’s Booklist.

ALA Booklist is one of the big and influential review periodicals for libraries nationwide.

“Robinson, an artist, shares with today’s readers what life was like growing up in a closely knit African American community during the 1950s. . . . The artwork is both evocative and invigorating with lots of reds and greens. Creating with oil pastels, Robinson draws viewers in, whether the picture is of a girl in a white party dress sitting on a kitchen chair, or a group of girls playing hopscotch. This is a lovely offering that makes a past world come alive once more.”
ALA Booklist Online, Ilene Cooper (1/31/13)

Skipping Stones magazine also had good words, saying:

“Through colorful oil pastel paintings and engaging storytelling, Robinson share her memories . . . a welcoming book about the joys of childhood.”
Skipping Stones Magazine

Skipping Stones is a great multicultural magazine for teachers and students, based in Eugene, Oregon, with wide distribution across the country. Published 5 times a year, it’s a nonprofit effort that encourages “communication, cooperation, creativity, and celebration of cultural and environmental richness.”

Many thanks to those recent reviewers!

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