Do You Suffer a Deficiency of Ghosts?

We love this line from a recent review of Dripping Blood Cave & Other Ghostly Stories from the good folks of Midwest Book Review:

It’s annoying when you can’t go a week without encountering more ghosts.

Isn’t that the truth! Thankfully, Hank and Clifford, the teen boys in Raymond Bial’s collection of fictional stories, don’t have to wrestle with that problem.

Instead, they have plenty of ghosts to wrestle . . . indeed, a constant cavalcade. Best of all, the antics of Hank (the stalwart one) and his diminutive but big-talking sidekick Cliffie offer a great solution to any lack of ghosts in your own life.

You can read about ’em . . . and chuckle instead of quaking with fear!

The Midwest Book Review concludes:

Dripping Blood Cave & Other Ghostly Stories is a fun collection, and not one to be missed.

If you have a deficiency of ghosts, here’s the cure!

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