Odin’s Promise Trilogy – A Middle-Grade Historical Fiction Series

Odins Promise - A Novel of Norway, by Sandy Brehl

Odin’s Promise
A Novel of Norway
by Sandy Brehl
Paperback • $13.95 • 236 pages
Ages 8–13 * ISBN 978-1-883953-65-2
Crickhollow Books • May 2014

Winner of 2014 Midwest Book Award
for Children’s Fiction

“Love of dog, love of family, and love of country – all are woven together in this beautifully written, emotionally taut novel of one girl’s coming of age during war time. Realistic yet hopeful.” – Gayle Rosengren, author of What the Moon Said


Odin’s Promise is a historical novel for middle-grade readers, set in western Norway in World War II during the first year of German occupation. It is a story of a young girl, her dog Odin (a Norwegian Elkhound), and a village’s resistance to oppression.

Sandy Brehl is a teacher and an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators. She lives in Muskego, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee.

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Bjorn's Gift, by Sandy Brehl

Bjorn’s Gift
(Sequel to Odin’s Promise)
by Sandy Brehl
Paperback • $14.95 • 272 pages
Ages 8–13 * ISBN 978-1-883953-84-3
Crickhollow Books • October 2016

“Brings to life the courage of the Norwegian people during the German occupation. Author Sandy Brehl doesn’t shy away from showing the complex ways individuals respond to hardship and beautifully expresses the strength and hope family provides in the midst of difficulty.”
– Caroline Starr Rose, author of Blue Birds and May B.


Bjorn’s Gift is a sequel to Odin’s Promise, winner of the 2014 Midwest Book Award for Children’s Fiction. In Bjorn’s Gift, young teen Mari faces growing hardships and dangers in her small village in a western fjord during the second and third years of German occupation of Norway in World War II. “An exciting look at the occupation of Norway, through the eyes of a young, brave girl.” – Angela Cerrito, author of The Safest Lie

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Mari's Hope, by Sandy Brehl

Mari’s Hope
by Sandy Brehl
Paperback • $14.95 • 276 pages
Ages 8–13 • ISBN 978-1-883953-89-8
Crickhollow Books • September 2017


Mari’s Hope delivers the dramatic conclusion to the middle-grade historical fiction trilogy begun with Odin’s Promise, awarded the 2014 Midwest Book Award for Children’s Fiction, and Bjorn’s Gift (released in 2016).

In Mari’s Hope, set in a small village in occupied western Norway in the final years of World War II, young Mari has become a valued helper to the village doctor. She also plays a role in her family’s efforts in the local resistance, despite everpresent dangers, especially from the snooping soldier called Goatman and from Leif, her one-time school friend, now a German collaborator.

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