Praise for Plank Road Summer

I wanted to share some nice words from reviewers and readers for this wonderful novel for middle-grade readers.

Plank Road Summer
by Hilda and Emily Demuth
Crickhollow Books (2009)
Juvenile Fiction / Chapter Book / Ages 8–12

From the good folks (real supporters of indie press titles) at Midwest Book Review:

The events of a single summer can be remembered for a lifetime. Plank Road Summer tells the story of young Katie and Florence, two friends in Wisconsin in the year 1852. The two girls live a happy and fulfilling life, but when mysterious travelers start coming to one of the girl’s parents’ inn, life doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be the same.

Plank Road Summer is a historical adventure that young readers will relish.

And from a reader, B. Zoromski, posted on

As a lifelong fan of the Little House books and a Wisconsin resident – I was prepared to enjoy this book, but I completely fell in love with it. The characters are well crafted and endearing. This book is a historical fiction, and I learned things I had never heard about – specifically about plank roads – and the education was subtle, mixed into the flowing tale.

It’s books like this that make me excited for my children to grow up – not only so I can share it with them, but also so I can return to the classroom and share it with others. It would make a fantastic classroom read!

Lovely words for a lovely book!

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