Saving Sailing author on Wisconsin Public Radio (Wednesday, Feb. 10)

Nicholas Hayes, author of Saving Sailing (Crickhollow Books, 2009), will be a guest on Larry Meiller’s popular call-in show on Wisconsin Public Radio this Wednesday (February 10).

He will be featured in the 2nd 45-minute slot. Tune in to hear Nick from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Larry Meiller’s noontime show is broadcast statewide every weekday, and covers environmental and consumer issues, plus helpful “how-to” topics.

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You can join the conversation with Larry and Nick. Call the toll-free call-in number: 1-800-642-1234.
You can also e-mail comments or questions to

Nick will talk about his book and the broader subject he tackles in Saving Sailing: American recreational and cultural activities in general . . . how we can best use our free time for quality, meaningful, challenging free-time pursuits.

And how can we can pass along our enthusiasm for those favorite activities to future generations? (Whether it’s sailing or hunting, fishing, playing folk music, or any such thing.)

Nick Hayes is currently on the Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, leading its Program Committee. An avid sailor, Nick has participated in thousands of course races on Lake Michigan, often with his family, and has competed in the Chicago-Mackinac, Queen’s Cup, Hook, and Trans-Superior races.

Hayes is also a market researcher, and his research skills are reflected in the Saving Sailing book.

This promises to be a lively conversation on public radio.
Tune in this Wednesday just before noon, and share your enthusiasm for sailing!

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