Saving Sailing Book Author Nick Hayes at Minneapolis Boat Show

Nick Hayes, author of Saving Sailing (Crickhollow Books, 2009), will be speaking in Minneapolis at the Minneapolis Boat Show / SailFest Seminar Series this weekend.

As a featured speaker in the SailFest Seminar Series, Hayes will be speaking 7:00 p.m. on Friday (tonight), on the topic of “Saving Sailing,” based on his book with that title.

Then, he will present again on Saturday, Jan. 23, at 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

The subtitle of his book suggests the wide-ranging nature of the work:
Saving Sailing: The Story of Choices, Families, Time Commitments and How We Can Create a Better Future.

As editor of the book, I’ve often described it as like the book Bowling Alone . . . which wasn’t just about bowling! Nick’s book is an intellectual adventure about free-time in America, and how we can pass along to future generations our enthusiasm for any recreational / cultural activity, be it hunting, fishing, sailing, playing folk music, or any such thing.

Saving Sailing burst onto the scene last October, quickly reaching the #1 “hot new release” position in the Sailing category, and #6 bestseller in the Outdoors Recreation category on The book explores how to counteract a slow decline of sailing participation over recent decades, and why we need to build stronger family and youth programs for sailing clubs, with a focus on inter-generational approaches . . . to build passions to last a lifetime!

Hayes was a Director of the Milwaukee Yacht Club for four years and was its fleet captain. He is now on the Board of Directors of the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, leading its Program Committee. His sailing resume includes thousands of course races and thousands of offshore miles in the Chicago-Mackinac, Queen’s Cup, Hook, and Trans-Superior races.

Hayes is a partner at the research firm FiveTwelve Group, working with Fortune 500 businesses to improve the way they listen to customers and markets. Hayes is an avid sailor with nearly thirty years of racing experience. He actively races and cruises with his family together on Syrena, a B-32, out of the South Shore Yacht Club near their home in Shorewood, Wisconsin.

This event kicks off Nick’s 2010 Saving Sailing book tour, with appearances at boat shows and sailing-related events around the country, including Chicago, Naples (FL) and Miami, Houston, and New England. Details in coming posts.

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