Shadow Island: A Spooky Tale of Lake Superior – is now available for Kindle

Shadow Island, A Spooky Tale of Lake Superior, by Raymond Bial

Looking for a fun ghost book for girls?

Shadow Island is now available for just $2.99 as a Kindle eBook (as well as in softcover & hardcover editions).

It’s a fun humorous spooky novel, set on an island in Lake Superior.

The story follows the adventures of three girls ā€“ Amanda, her friend Roxanne, and Amanda’s kid sister Sally ā€“ trapped on Shadow Island, near a sleepy resort somewhere on Lake Superior.

To escape, they must explore the mysterious long-abandoned Stardust Hotel.

However, unfortunately for them, the old Victorian hotel is not quite as deserted as it looks.

As in all of Bial’s popular ghost stories, the young protagonists will encounter a host of ghosts as they dash from one humorous encounter to the next. In the process, they will learn about themselves, about friendship and family, and about the importance of doing the right thing even in trying circumstances.

“A spine-tingling tale of personal growth and discovery.” ā€“ Midwest Book Review

(And you’ll get to meet the wonder-dog, Tulip, an elderly pot-bellied beagle, an endearing if self-centered companion of the three girls who manages to help out a little . . . when she’s not looking for something to eat.)

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