Shadow Island

Shadow Island, A Spooky Tale of Lake Superior, by Raymond Bial

Shadow Island:
A Spooky Tale of Lake Superior
by Raymond Bial

Crispin Books • 2013
$2.99 • Kindle Edition
Also available as Trade Softcover
$13.95 • ISBN 978-1-933987-36-2
172 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”
Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Ghost Stories
(for ages 8–12 and up)

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Siblings • Regional History • Lake Superior
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“Readers will find the suspense satisfying
and the main character a sympathetic hero.”
Booklist (American Library Association)

A page-turner . . . will keep readers looking forward
to further exploits of these two ghost sleuths.”
School Library Journal

“Written by award-winning author Raymond Bial, Shadow Island: A Tale of Lake Superior is a spooky ghost story for ages eight and up. Set on a mysteriously deserted island in close proximity to a quiet family resort, Shadow Island follows twelve-year old Amanda, her younger sister Sally, and her best friend Roxanne who accidentally become marooned. . . . Together they learn the importance of doing the right thing, even in difficult circumstances. A spine-tingling tale of personal growth and discovery.”
Midwest Book Review


Welcome to the humorous adventures of three girls – 12-year-old Amanda, her kid sister Sally, and her best friend Roxanne – as they find themselves trapped on Shadow Island, a strange tiny island near a sleepy resort somewhere on Lake Superior. To have any chance to get away, the girls will have to explore the mysterious and long-abandoned Stardust Hotel.

However, the old Victorian building is not quite as deserted as everyone thought!

In Raymond Bial’s popular ghost stories, the youngsters are sure to encounter a host of ghosts as they dash from one spooky encounter to the next. One way or another, to escape the desolate island, the girls will need to unravel a tangle of plots, old and new, that have their grip on the haunted hotel.

In the process, they learn a lot about themselves – and about the importance of friends, family, and doing the right thing.

Shadow Island is a light-hearted spooky novel for young middle-grade readers.


Raymond Bial is the acclaimed author of more than 100 books for children and adults, including Amish Home, The Underground Railroad, Where Lincoln Walked, Nauvoo, Ellis Island, and others. His other books of humorous ghost stories for kids include The Fresh Grave, The Ghost of Honeymoon Creek, Dripping Blood Cave, and The Dress-Up Mirror. He lives in Urbana, Illinois.