Teachers Like New Jingo Fever Book

Here are a few recent comments from teachers about Stephanie Lowden’s new chapter book, Jingo Fever:

One of the challenges in teaching is to use time effectively by finding materials that serve more than one purpose. Students who read Jingo Fever are provided with important background knowledge that enables understanding of complex historical events. Teachers can also find rich material for deep classroom discussions that increase comprehension skills, as Addy struggles with universal adolescent dilemmas against a backdrop of bullying, racism and intolerance that unfortunately continues to plague our children today. With engaging characters and a compelling story, students will enjoy this accessible novel.
– Debra Ahrens, Elementary School Teacher

Hi! I read Jingo Fever and loved it. I teach first grade, but I see it appropriate for 4-8th grade. I found the story to be exciting and could lead to a lot of great classroom discussions. My daughter is in 7th grade and currently taking German as a foreign language. She was interested in learning more about German culture, since this is also her background. The reading level was easy for her, but the idea behind the story was enjoyable and educational.
– Susan Stevens, Madison, Wisconsin

We agree! This is a great book for introducing some complex issues in a thoughtful way.

“Rich material, accessible,” “the story was enjoyable and educational” . . . that’s music to our ears! It’s what we strive for as a small indie press, doing good books that the big children’s book publishers are overlooking.

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