The Land Remembers – Small Press Month Book Recommendation #2

I decided to wait till Day 2 of Small Press Month to recommend a beloved all-time favorite of mine. It’s currently available in an edition published by Itchy Cat Press.

The Land Remembers
by Ben Logan
Itchy Cat Press (2006)
paperback, $17.00 list price (on sale for $13 from Amazon or directly from the publisher)

This is “A classic American memoir about a boyhood on a hilltop farm in the 1930s.” It was first published in 1975 by a major press (Viking), but is being kept in print by the folks of Itchy Cat, a micro-press that cares enough to keep a great classic like this alive.

A reviewer on Amazon summed it up: “This book is full of humor and . . . the wonder of living on a farm. Ben’s antics with his brothers are delightful, and his account of his evenings with his family are memorable. I read this anytime I need a lift, and share its richness with anyone who will listen.”

I always think of two chapters: a beautiful one about the magic of an egg . . . and a hilarious one about a one-room school Christmas pageant gone awry.

Or, if you want a few more reviews:

“A book to be cherished and remembered.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“How can you feel nostalgia for things that never happened to you? How can you miss people just as you meeting them for the first time?. . . It’s not nostalgia for my own past that The Land Remembers made me feel; it’s nostalgia for a world he makes me wish I’d known.”
New York Times

Itchy Cat Press is based in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, and also publishes some great cookbooks (try the fish cakes from the Blue Plate Diner Cookbook).

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