The Nature Principle (Algonquin Books) – National Author Tour by Richard Louv

Author Richard Louv is doing a speaking tour this spring to talk about his new book, The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder (Algonquin Books).

His new book is a case for integrating nature into every aspect of our lives, from homes and family life to offices, urban planning and recreational spaces. The more high-tech our lives become, Louv writes, the more nature we need.

He’ll be speaking in Milwaukee at Boswell Books on Wednesday, May 18. Here’s a full list of Richard Louv’s nationwide appearances. (They include San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Denver, Austin, Vancouver, Toronto, and Saskatoon.)

Louv is also the author of the bestseller Last Child in the Woods, an influential work that spawned a growing movement to reconnect children and nature.

We’ve recommended Louv’s work before, noting the connection of his message with that of Crickhollow Books author Nicholas D. Hayes, whose book Saving Sailing: The Story of Choices, Families, Time Commitments and How We Can Create a Better Future talks about reasons for the decline in outdoor activities over the last decades . . . and offers some remedies, including encouraging more family participation (rather than fully segregated youth programs) and mentoring efforts.

Louv’s work is a great way to motivate folks in your community to get more involved in the children and nature movement. Check out events near you, and tell your friends.

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