Third Coast Digest reviews Saving Sailing

This review of Saving Sailing just appeared in Third Coast Digest, an excellent online magazine covering Milwaukee’s cultural and lifestyle scene.

The piece (by Jennifer Kaufman) finishes with this:

Hayes’ passion and devotion to sailing is evident on every page. . . . Sailors will recognize themselves in the stories and possibly be inspired by Hayes’ ideas.

But Saving Sailing isn’t just about sailing; it’s a metaphor. This book asks us to examine our lives.

What is important? What gives our lives fulfillment? And most importantly, how can we share these things with others?


The situation for sailing is the same for any recreational activity done in a small group . . .  it needs us to make a cumbersome decision (like to get off the couch and coordinate with friends or family). It’s not as easy as deciding to consume some passive, packaged entertainment, often alone.

As Saving Sailing‘s author Nick Hayes has said, sailing is rewarding because it’s complex and takes a bit of effort and skill, not because it’s simple or easy or obvious!

Thanks, Third Coast Digest, for the on-point review!

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