Time of the Eagle – Kindle Edition Released

Time of the Eagle, by Stephanie Golightly Lowden

Crispin Books is pleased to announce release of Time of the Eagle: A Story of an Ojibwe Winter as a Kindle eBook.

Time of the Eagle, by Stephanie Golightly Lowden, is a middle-grade historical novel about a winter survival trek by two young Native American (Ojibwe) siblings, a tale of courage and resourcefulness set in the fur-trade era of the 1700s near Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Originally published by Blue Horse Books in 2004, the title was a finalist for the Book of the Year Award (sponsored by ForeWord Magazine) in the Juvenile Fiction category.

“Riveting from start to finish.” – Capital Times (Madison, Wis.)

“Set in the late 1700s, Time Of The Eagle: A Story Of An Ojibwe Winter by Stephanie Golightly Lowden is the story of a 13-year-old Ojibwe indian girl, Autumn Dawn, who flees into the forest with her little brother when a smallpox epidemic strikes her family’s lodge. Together these two Native American children must draw upon their survival skills and learn to tell friend from foe as they travel in search along the shores of Lake Superior of a safe haven. [The book] is entertaining reading for children ages 8 to 12, and most especially recommended for school and community library collections for young readers.” – Midwest Book Review

The story (written by a non-native author) is based on a story found in the writings of Frances Densmore, an anthropologist who collected oral histories from Anishinaabe (then known as Chippewa, later as Ojibwe or Ojibway) elders.

On Lowden’s author’s website, she says:

[This] is not only an exciting adventure story, but can be used by educators when studying the history of the Lake Superior region and the fur trade. Through interviews with Ojibwe people as well as extensive primary source research, I studied the history of Native Americans in Wisconsin for over ten years. I’m very proud that the Council for Indian Education [an intertribal literary review panel of educators] gave Time of the Eagle their seal of approval.

There is a teacher’s guide available at Stephanie Lowden‘s site (there, see tab for Study Guides). Her novel also includes an excellent appendix of recommendations for other books for young readers on Woodland Indian culture, including some by native authors, including Louise Erdrich’s The Birchbark House. Also, Anne Dunn’s When Beaver Was Very Great is also highly recommended as a collection of traditional tales and personal reflections/nature writing by an Ojibwe elder from northern Minnesota.

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