Titles A–G

Titles in Print A–G

1,000-Mile Walk on the Beach
One Woman’s Trek of the Perimeter of Lake Michigan
by Loreen Niewenhuis

A 1,000-Mile Great Lakes Walk
One Woman’s Trek
Along the Shorelines
of All Five Great Lakes
by Loreen Niewenhuis

Best Lake Michigan Hikes
10 Favorite Lake Michigan Hikes
on the Beach
by Loreen Niewenhuis

Cook the Books
(Scrappy Librarian Mystery #3)
by Marion Moore Hill

Dance on His Grave
(Sidra Smart Mystery #1)
by Sylvia Dickey Smith

The Dazzling Darkness
(A Supernatural Thriller set in Concord, Mass.)
by Paula Cappa

Dead Wreckoning
(Sidra Smart Mystery #3)
by Sylvia Dickey Smith

Deadly Sins, Deadly Secrets
(Sidra Smart Mystery #2)
by Sylvia Dickey Smith

Didn’t We Have Fun!
(An African-American Childhood in Philadelphia)
by Hilda Robinson and Jeff Kunkel

Dripping Blood Cave & Other Ghostly Stories
by Raymond Bial

Fill-in-the-Blank Plotting
A Guide to Outlining a Novel Using the Hero’s Journey & Three-Act Structure
by Linda George

Goliath Catfish
An adventure novel, for readers ages 11–15
by Scott T. Gill

Guide to Fantasy Literature
Thoughts on Stories of Wonder & Enchantment
by Philip Martin