Two Interviews with Crickhollow Books Authors

1. A Lovely Interview with Sylvia Dickey Smith

There’s a fine write-up about Sylvia and her historical World War II homefront  novel, A War of Her Own, here at Stephanie Barko’s website. Stephanie Barko, by the way, is an Austin-area literary publicist (not employed on this book) with a particular interest in good historical fiction; she was named 2010 Best Book Promotion Service by the website Preditors & Editors, a high accolade.

In that interview, Sylvia Dickey Smith begins with a sentiment that all historical novelists should begin with:

A War of Her Own came about as a result of my sense of a sacred trust—a compulsion as it were—given to me to tell the story of a significant time in history and the people and events surrounding it.

This book was recently awarded 2nd Place Award, Best Novel of the Year by the National Federation of Press Women, after winning 1st Place in the Texas chapter.

2. A Lovely Interview with Loreen Niewenhuis

Loreen was recently in Milwaukee doing book signings at Next Chapter Bookstore and REI for her book A 1,000-Mile Walk on the Beach, about her long trek around Lake Michigan. She was interviewed on Milwaukee Public Radio’s WUWM “Lake Effect” by Susan Bence, their environmental reporter who has done a lot of great programs on Great Lakes water issues.

Here’s a link to the Lake Effect interview with Niewenhuis. It was a good one, about the diverse nature of Lake Michigan and about the meaning of a personal challenge like a really, really long walk.

Loreen’s book is doing fabulously well with Lake Michigan–area indie bookstores . . . a sign of the role of those indie shops to helping get lots of people excited about a book that otherwise might well have been overlooked as being too regional. But so many of the best books are regional. It’s the message that’s universal!

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