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Tony and His Elephants, A Thai Elephant Sanctuary Story

Tony & His Elephants
Best Friends Forever!
by Cathleen Burnham
Hardcover • $18.95 • 32 pages
Ages 7–12 * ISBN 978-1-933987-25-5
Crickhollow Books • April 22, 2017

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“Eight-year-old Tony’s intimate daily life with the elephants (including sleeping quarters!)  lead to genuine partnerships and mutual respect. … Burnham’s deft use of photo captions, labeled maps with keys, relevant cultural practices, and back matter make this and the other series books ideal content for STEM resources.”

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Tony and His Elephants introduces Tony, an eight-year-old boy, whose family runs a small elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand. He becomes involved in the care of two young elephants, Baby Pumpuii and Nam Cho, rescued from an urban setting to a new life in the forests. But life in the wilds is not without its own drama and danger. Tony is quickly drawn into a deep and lasting relationship with these amazing and sensitive animals.

Cathleen Burnham is an experienced travel and wildlife photojournalist. She has done assignments across the globe from Africa to Southeast Asia, from South and Central America to Europe. She lives in Pittsford, NY, near Rochester.

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Tortugas Squad - Kids Saving Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Tortuga Squad
Kids Saving Sea Turtles
in Costa Rica
by Cathleen Burnham
Hardcover • $18.95 • 32 pages
Ages 7–12 * ISBN 978-1-933987-24-8
Crickhollow Books • January 2016

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“Readers will learn about threats to sea turtles as well as how people are helping them. An unusual glimpse of children as environmental activists within their own community.” – ALA Booklist

“Bright photos depict the children in action, the turtles and other animals, and the surroundings. The spreads also include attractively arranged maps and drawings and deftly inserted facts about turtles…. [Burnham’s books] inspire readers to take positive action.… A wonderful addition to most collections.” – School Library Journal


Tortuga Squad introduces a group of youngsters in Costa Rica who patrol the beaches of Parismina Island, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, to help protect mother sea turtles and their eggs from poachers and animal predators. The young volunteers patrol the beach during hatching season, and have helped to build a guarded hatchery to protect eggs until they hatch. Then, the kids gather to help escort the tiny baby turtles across the sands to the ocean waters.

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Doyli to the Rescue: Saving Baby Monkeys in the Amazon, by Cathleen Burnham

Doyli to the Rescue
Saving Baby Monkeys
in the Amazon
by Cathleen Burnham
Hardcover • $18.95 • 32 pages
Ages 7–12 * ISBN 978-1-933987-22-4
Crickhollow Books • April 2015

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“A warm, sweet, and wonderful story, illustrated with engaging photographs that capture the heart and soul of a young girl who rescues wild animals in the Amazon rainforest. Everyone—kids, parents, teachers, librarians—will love Doyli.” – Raymond Bial, award-winning author of Amish Home, Ellis Island, and Where Lincoln Walked

“It is the best kind of nonfiction – engaging as well as informative…. Burnham shows us how even young children can make a difference in the world. Young and old alike will be enthralled.” – Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, author of The Bear That Heard Crying, Nora’s Ark, and many others books for young readers.


Doyli to the Rescue introduces young readers to 10-year-old Doyli, who rescues endangered, orphaned monkeys from the perils of native hunters and the black market. She brings the rescued animals to her island home in the Peruvian Amazon, where her family runs a small sanctuary for endangered animals. There, Doyli nurtures the baby monkeys with nourishing food and lots of love. When the little monkey orphans are old enough and strong enough, she releases them back to their natural habitat: the rainforest.

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