Warming Fires: Stories for All Seasons

Warming Fires, short stories set in Wisconsin by Jeff Kunkel

Warming Fires:
Stories for All Seasons
(2nd Edition)
by Jeff Kunkel

Crickhollow Books • June 2014
Trade Softcover, 206 pages, 6” x 9”
Fiction / Short Stories
Religion & Spirituality
$16.95 • ISBN 978-1-933987-71-3

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Jeff Kunkel, Author


Wisconsin / Rural & Small Town Life
Family Relationships
Humor / Spiritual Insight
Midwest Heritage & Culture

“We need stories like these to help us make sense out of our lives. Kunkel’s characters are familiar to most Midwesterners. They’re laconic, hardworking, practical, quick to worry, slow to complain. . . . These are stories to warm the heart and spirit.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

With an entertaining cast of Midwestern characters – farmers, newlyweds, hunters, ministers, teens – this luminescent collection of 17 short stories combines humor, grace, and tender insights. There are rewards to win (and prices to pay), whether swimming in musky-infested waters in the nude . . . or facing the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940 . . . or chasing an aging rhino down a Wisconsin back road.

Other stories explore relationships between husbands and wives, between parents and children, and between a person and his or her faith. Each person is challenged in some way, whether they are ice fishing or running an HO train on a model-railroad layout, whether participating in a live nativity for a small-town church’s Christmas or working draft horses in a farm field.

These are the kind of Midwestern characters made famous by Garrison Keillor in his Lake Wobegon stories: slow talkers, full of concerns and insights, blessed with moments of faith and wonder in the midst of everyday life.

These are indeed stories for all seasons, told by a masterful storyteller.

The Great Northern Train Wreck
Lazy Ike
Live Nativity
Her Whole Face Said Yes
Wind Chill
Strawberry Money
Blood Trail
Ice Neighbors
Muskies and Virgins
May I Bring My Bride?
The Last of His Kind
A Match Made in Heaven
Family Values
Down to Earth
Warming Fires


Jeff Kunkel is an accomplished storyteller, writer, artist, and United Methodist minister. Born and raised in Wisconsin, he now lives in Oakland, California. He writes short stories, along with nonfiction works and books for children.

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