Winners of 50-Word Thanksgiving Story Contest

The wise and wonderful judges have selected the winners of the Crickhollow Books 50-word “Thanksgiving” Story Contest.


Karla Manternach, “Thanksgiving Storm”

Carl McNelty, “Afternoon at the Orchard”

Kashmira Sheth, “Columbus’ Mistake”

Becky Spice, “Untitled”

Mark Zastrow, “Traditional Distance”

And the 1st Prize goes to:

A.L. LeGore, “Untitled”

whose entry read:

The pen I use has a fine line and a satisfying scratch, balm after a day of clicks and scrolls. To my aunt for the book I’ve wanted. To my brother for the silly socks. A tiny body climbs into my lap and stills. I’ve no card big enough.

It’s a truly outstanding story. And the others were delightful. (You can reread them here, scroll down to comments.) Thanks to all.

Should we do a similar contest in December on the topic of Gifts?
Let us know. If we hear positive response, we’ll announce it later this week.

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  1. I’m thrilled and loved a chance to write so carefully and briefly. Thanks!

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