Write a Haiku about Books and Win Cheese!

It’s March Madness! No, not that minor event with a round bouncy ball that people toss through a hoop, over and over . . .

I mean Small Press Month!

And you’re asking yourself: What, oh what, can I do to celebrate?

Join us in Crickhollow Books’ “Cheese for Haiku” Event!
Check out the “Cheese for Haiku” event details here.

In short: write a haiku . . .  an ultra-short, 3-line poem . . . about something that strikes your fancy about books. Maybe about a particular book. Or a favorite setting where you read . . . or . . . anything book-related.

And win some great Wisconsin cheddar! That’s right. Cheese for haiku.

It’s simple.

  1. Write a haiku poem about books.
  2. Sign up as a fan of Crickhollow Books on Facebook.
  3. Submit it as a post on Crickhollow’s Facebook page Wall.
  4. Visit the page now and then and enjoy the other haikus. (Vote for those you like.)
  5. Wait to find out if you win some cheese.

Deadline: Monday, March 15.
Again, the “Cheese for Haiku” event details are found here (rules, FAQs, etc.).
Please share the news with friends who love books, haiku, or great cheese.

Not sure if you have a haiku in you? Here’s more about the great cheese we’ve got lined us for a lucky person.

Hook’s Cheese Company, Inc. in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, is a winner of national and regional awards for their artisan cheeses. Tony and Julie Hook have been making Wisconsin cheese for over 35 years. They sell 30 different varieties of cheese.

For the Crickhollow Books event, we’ll be sending the author of the best haiku a pound each of:

  • 10-year cheddar (full, rich cheddar flavor and a smooth finish, won 1st place at 2006 American Cheese Society Show)
  • 2-year cheddar (a white cheddar)
  • horseradish cheddar
  • World Champion Colby
  • Pepper Jack (a Monterey Jack with jalapenos)
  • 2-year Swiss
  • Blue Paradise (a double-cream blue cheese)

Why cheese? Artisan cheesemakers and small indie presses have something in common. We want to honor the caring attention that goes into a finely made product. And celebrate our love of books.

And then you’ll have a little something to nibble while you read that next book!

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