Write a Haiku about Water and Win Cheese!

We had such a good time last Spring sponsoring a “Cheese for Haiku” contest . . . that we’re eager to do it again.

Last year’s theme was books. This Spring Haiku contest’s theme is . . . water.

That’s right. The wet stuff. In any form whatsoever.

We’re just celebrating that we’ve published a couple of water-related books here at Crickhollow, most recently A 1,000-Mile Walk on the Beach, about a woman’s walk around the entire perimeter of Lake Michigan.

And April 22 is Earth Day (founded by Wisconsin’s own Gaylord Nelson), and issues of clean water are becoming super-important around the world. Here in Milwaukee, our Crickhollow Books office is just a few blocks from Lake Michigan, and those fresh breezes off the cool lake keep us wonderfully cool in the summer (and warmer in the winter).

So . . . scribblers of haiku or lowku . . .
Check out Contest Details for “Cheese for Haiku” here.

In short: write a haiku . . .  an ultra-short, 3-line poem . . . about something that strikes your fancy about water.

And win some great Wisconsin cheddar! That’s right. Cheese for haiku.

It’s simple.

  1. Write a haiku poem about books.
  2. Go to our Facebook page (go ahead . . . “Like” us): Crickhollow Books on Facebook.
  3. Submit your haiku as a post on the Wall of Crickhollow’s Facebook page.
  4. Wait to find out if you win some cheese.

Deadline: April 30 (end of the day).
Please share the news with friends who love water, haiku, or great cheese.

Not sure if you have a haiku in you? Here’s more about the cheese to be shipped to a lucky person.

Hook’s Cheese Company, Inc. in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, is a winner of national and regional awards for their artisan cheeses. Tony and Julie Hook have been making Wisconsin cheese for over 35 years.

For the Crickhollow Books event, we’ll be sending the author of the best haiku a pound each of Hook’s:

  • 6-year white cheddar (full, rich cheddar flavor)
  • 2-year cheddar (also a white cheddar)
  • horseradish cheddar
  • Hook’s Little Boy Blue (won 3rd place in the World Cheese Championship 2010)
  • Blue Paradise (a double-cream blue cheese)

(Or you can pick your own selection from Hook’s Cheese.) Why cheese? Artisan cheesemakers and small indie presses have something in common. We care about the craftsmanship that goes into our products.

And then . . . you’ll have a little something to nibble while you read that next book!

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